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Rada Petrovic, OREA Shopper and our Superhero

Rada Petrovic, OREA Shopper and our Superhero

Rada Petrovic, from Georgia, United States stumbled upon OREA by chance when she was in search for natural cosmetics from BIH that she could ship to the United States. Yet, in a very short period of time, she also became one of our favorite customers not because she shops on OREA but because she understands the importance of buying from small and local producers. Rada now regularly visits OREA so she could shop and also add new products to her wish list because as she says OREA after her first order has also become one of her favorite websites to browse and to shop. Below you can read our interview with Rada, our superhero!

How much of your shopping is done online?
At this point in time, given all the covid precautions, almost all of my shopping is done online.

Is this your first experience shopping on BIH websites?

Can you tell us a bit about how you heard about us?
I reached out to the Gloria brand via Facebook to ask how I can get their products sent to the US and they sent me the link for OREA!

We know there is a certain amount of stigma purchasing from less known websites, but you took that brave step and trusted us. If you had any concerns ordering on OREA, what was your biggest concern?
In all honesty, I trusted the website the moment I got on it. The formatting, the layout, the  forms of payment accepted, and the chat feature reminded me of trusted sites I have purchased from previously in the US. The only concern I had in the back of my mind was the timeline of getting my package delivered. For as long as I can remember, packages to and from Bosnia
always took 3-4 weeks to arrive. I assumed it would be the same with my OREA order, even though they promised a shorter timeline. You can imagine my joy and surprise when my package arrived after 10 days of placing my order. It would have been shorter, but a small customs issue arose that OREA jumped in and fixed immediately!

Would you order again and if so, why?
Absolutely!!! The ease of ordering and the fantastic customer service have made me a longtime customer after just one order. I am very thankful to have found this website!  

We know they are great as they are one of our most bought brands outside of Bosnia but can you tell us what made you order Gloria products?
I have been on the search for shampoos and serums to help with hair growth. My hair has been thinning drastically within the past year and I was not satisfied with the products I was finding in the US. I shared these struggles with my family who still live in Bosnia and they mentioned Gloria products. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try!  

Now that you have had a chance to try their products, would you recommend them to your friends and if so why?
I’ve only just started with the products so I am not sure of the effects just yet, but so far I’m pleased! If I have success I will be recommending them to my friends, both Bosnian and American! The website is translated in English, and the method of payment is no different than any website in the US!  

How satisfied are you with the whole process of ordering on OREA and with our customer support?
Words can’t express how satisfied I am with ordering from OREA. Senita made me feel like I was a friend. I felt like I could approach her with any concern and she would be there to listen and help. When my order was stuck in customs for a few days, I reached out to let her know and she took the initiative to call DHL and see what was causing the hold up and fix it! I don’t think I have ever come across a company that would have your back like that.  

What can we do even better?
Get more products on your site!!! Ever since I discovered OREA I have been browsing and making a wish list for myself of things I want to order! I have started checking the website every week to see if something new has been added!

Would you recommend us to your friends? If so, what would you tell them about us?
Yes!! I would tell them how easy it is to order from the website and how pleasant it is to talk to customer service. I would recommend it to my American friends as well because the website can be translated into English, and the payment method is what you would see on a website here in the US. The site reminds me so much of Amazon, but with hand crafted, natural items from my home country.

Thank you for supporting our local economy and local hand crafters. Are you aware that you are our hero because with your purchase you are also making a direct difference in someone's life?
Does that impact how you usually buy?
It definitely does! I would much rather buy from a local business than a large chain of retail stores. That’s why I love what you sell on your site. You can tell just by looking at the products on there that they are made with love.  

Do you think it's important that our diaspora supports businesses like OREA and why?
Yes! A thousand times yes! OREA is a connection to our homeland. It gives us products that we are not able to find in our Bosnian markets here in the States. Everyone always complains that stuff here is not as good as it is back home, and now we have a route that will bring us the “good stuff”!  

Anything else that you would like to add?
I have been incredibly surprised and elated with my OREA experience. I feel like I discovered the Bosnian! I love the fact that you provide a means of supporting small businesses in Bosnia and giving them a chance to go global. Truly amazed at what you do and if there is anything else I can do to help out your business, please let me know!