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Monri payments

Our partner and payment getaway, Monri Payments d.o.o. provides the e-commerce and POS services which offer its clients a secure high quality service in accepting and processing electronic transactions. Monri has one of a kind, independent Omnichannel platform for processing ecommerce and POS transactions. Monri Payments Platform is developed in accordance with card industry regulations and global payment systems (Mastercard, Visa) and it enables simple, secure and fast payment processing of the transactions payable via cards.

Monri is registered by numerous banks and financial institutions ISO/MSP, Internet Payment Service Provider (IPSP) and Payment Facilitator.

System for processing payment transactions is certified by PCI DSS Level 1 certificate and it guarantees security of personal information by the card users and the clients (sellers).

Transactions are processed in few seconds and the security and the privacy of all the card information is secured by high-level encryption (256-bit encryption).

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