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About us

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We are a group of people who, like you, wants to improve the community we live in. We never did, and never will, think about the community as a localized particle: we have long traveled, explored and thought to know that the community does not have strictly defined geographical boundaries. The community is the intersection of people who think equally, have the same ambitions, desires, mission and vision.

OREA is a community in which we have invested knowledge, effort and time to find people like us. Or, more specifically, to find people like you.

Let's introduce ourselves.

OREA is an online marketplace for the purchase of handmade, original products with a local label.

At the same time, aware that in the world of accelerated purchasing decisions and consumerism we are often forced to neglect a unique personal style and, almost without exception, we lose control over where our products come from, we want to give customers back the possibility of control over what they buy, the originality in expressing their own purchasing decisions and the option to help small purchases with their purchasing decisions. The result we strive for is progress – of creative individuals and the whole community.

We are sure that you will recognize the potential we offer and that, together, we will make a whole new trend in this area and ensure that your eyes see what your valuable hands have created.


The OREA team wants to strengthen the regional economy through sales, technical assistance and the promotion of hand-made and customized products with original signature, design and home label.


The mission of the OREA team is to actively participate in the building and empowerment of the community, by combining creative energies, enhancing networking of individuals with good ideas, lobbying and advocating better business conditions across the entire region and promoting excellence in small and medium-sized enterprises.


If you are reading this, it means that you have already come to the OREA site and have taken your time to read more about who is behind it.

Thank you for that, from the bottom of our hearts. With just one click of your mouse you have made the whole team of people happy. We will try to explain to you in the shortest terms who we are and why OREA.

When we embarked on a project that stands before you, we were not motivated by earnings. It would be unfair from us to assure you that we have devised the entire platform without expecting anything from it. What we want to say is that our basic motivation was not material.

We, the names that are in the signature of this text, with our wishes, plans and endeavors stand behind the project. But without you, who are in front of us and with us, OREA would be just another platform.

And for that, thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Amra Silajdžić-Džeko
Senita Slipac
Kerim Kalamujić

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