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Visa Card Holders Rewarded With 20% Discount On All OREA Products

Holidays are just around the corner and OREA is here to simplify your shopping experience hence making your holiday shopping season even more special. Now more than ever, shopping online is more secure and simply a better option, whether you consider the time you save or your health. With your Visa card everything is better and OREA-tastic!

In collaboration with Visa company, we bring you a handful of surprises and from 1.12.2020 until 15.1.2021 (or until available funds run out) you can take advantage of 20% discount by shopping with your Visa card on all products available on OREA platform. Maximum amount of discount per transaction is 50 BAM (25 Euro). Offer is valid for all Visa issued cards – in BiH and abroad.

And that is not all!

With your every purchase, Visa is giving you a 20 BAM gift card that you can apply towards your next order on OREA.

For those who need some gift ideas, we offer you a list of some of the most popular products on OREA. Don’t wait any longer, complete your holiday shopping ahead of time and save time and money.

We wish you a happy and OREA-tastic shopping experience!


Each board is unique, and each piece of wood is a story of its own. #Falitidaska cheeseboards are made for those who appreciate unique products. Their combination of nature and art is made for vine and cheese lovers as well as for those who enjoy food and gatherings.

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The printmaking process is the basis of the Werkstatt style. The jewelry is manufactured from zinc and brass plates and transformed into wearable art pieces. Each piece of jewelry contains a mini graphic image characterized by contrasting etchings and other visual effects.

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Belma Tvico is a color master. She feels and sees each color within its numerous shades and combinations. Her designs are abstract and vivid, and they reflect her love for colors. Each item has a ¨bosančica¨ character (medieval Bosnian alphabet) that shows her dedication for conserving cultural and historical heredity of her country.

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Freya Design makes unique bags which are inspired by Bosnian traditions. Freya Design purses preserve the cultural and historical legacy of BIH. Her latest collection is now available on OREA.

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Each OVA product is made with lots of patience, love and peculiar attention to detail. Materials used to make their products and 100% organic materials. OVA slippers are handmade woolen slippers and with your purchase you are helping the empowerment of women in Goražde, BIH.

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Through their collection “Sarajevo Mini” Samusa brings you pins – a detail which refines a man's outfit. Pins are made of silver but can also be made into rose gold and yellow gold and they will make for an ideal gift for that special someone in your life.

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Organlook products are made of nutritious and revitalizing ingredients which help your skin to regenerate, nourish and preserve. All products are handmade and made from 100% natural materials.

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Sherbetlook is more than a juice, and more than just a product. It's completely organic and made out of love for natural products. Gift this gift of nature and health to your loved ones.

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Story Box is a story for each occasion, each generation, every man and every woman. Story Box concept takes giving to a new level because it is different, special and personalized. It brings a piece of glamour to everyday life. Selected products are made with love and dedication. Each box contains handwritten note and sealed with wax-stamped envelopes.

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Silk is as reliable material for making face masks and it also irritates less you skin. Concept Karla masks are made of two layers using 100% silk and one middle layer using 100% cotton material. With your mask, you also receive a velvet bag which protects your mask while its not being used.

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