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Hobbyists and Craft Makers Join Us

If you are a hobbyist or have just recently seriously dedicated your time to creating handmade products, or you are a new brand that could use help to further develop your brand, product placement or increase your sales, then come and join us

Through partnership, let's promote your business and help you reach buyers not just within BiH, but also around the world.

Here you can hear from some of our most successful sellers on OREA:

Criteria to participate in the Program:

  • Up to 35 years old
  • A brand that is not registered longer than 6 months
  • For unregistered business, you are active for less than a year developing your brand

What do you receive from the Program:

  • 6 months free OREA membership
  • Mentoring from OREA team and external associates (if needed)
  • Paid collaboration with influencers
  • Access to OREA Forum where you can share your experience, exchange ideas and forget possible collaborations
  • Discounted shipping for your products
  • The most active shop will also receive 2000 BAM to cover costs of registering your business

About the project:

MarketMakers is a project of the Swiss Government implemented by Helvetas (Switzerland) and Kolektiv d.o.o. (Bosnia & Herzegovina). MarketMakers has been implementing actions in support of sustained youth employment together with the private sector since 2012 within four different private sectors: IT, agronomy, tourism and business services.

It is our great honor that MarketMakers have seen the potential in OREA as a good partner to help further realize their goals. With this project, from this September until April 2021, we will work on furthering the development of OREA platform so that we can better respond to our current economic challenges, to support small businesses, to attract new hobbyists to the platform and motive those who are still considering joining the creative and handmade industry.

If you are interested to join or you would like to get more information, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected].