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OREA Terms of Purchase
1. Introduction

As a buyer, you are accepting these Terms of Purchase which are part of OREA platform Terms and Conditions. With your purchase, you are coming to contractual relations with the Seller. For you as a Buyer it is very important that you understand that you are not buying products for OREA platform but from the Seller who has registered a virtual store on OREA platform and that all eventual questions in relations to the products that are advertised on OREA platform and returns related to those products you have to direct at the Seller.

2. Purchases and payments of the products

You as a Buyer, you search for the products, which are through OREA platform advertized by other Users. After you find a product that you wish to purchase, you have an option to send an electronic message to the Seller in which you can request more details about the Product. Purchase of the Products is enabled to all Users who are 18 years and older, who have a registered account and who are allowed to purchase through independent service. After you select a product, or products, you place them in the card and you complete the purchase. OREA platform once more confirms to You, as a Buyer that: OREA platform does not perform verifications of the Sellers, nor do we verify the products that are advertized on our platform and we do not give any guarantees on the products; OREA platform does not guarantee that the published photos and product descriptions are true nor that they confirm with the actual condition or the look of the product – the agreement is formed exclusively between You and the other User, actually Seller. Payment for the product is performed through the PikPay service – third party who offers payment services, credit card processing, money exchange, identity confirmation, analysis of theft and confirmation with all the regulations. For more information about PikPay services you can find here: By using PikPay services you are obliged to accept the terms and conditions of PikPay service. When purchasing a product, the amount of money for the price of the item, PikPay services will put a hold on the amount on your account until there is a confirmation of the received product, which OREA platform will receive by a third party utilized for pick up and delivery of the product (“Delivery”) after the purchased product is delivered to You.

3. Buyer Obligations

When purchasing a product from another User, You, as a Buyer are obliged to: - read product description of the Item that is being sold and all other information about the Sellers shop - pay for the already determined price of the product - provide the correct shipping address

4. Product Delivery

OREA platform does not mediate in accepting and delivering the products purchased using our services. The delivery is performed via direct communication between You, as a Buyer, and Seller. Costs of delivery are clearly indicated on OREA platform. Costs of delivery of the products are covered by You, the Buyer.

5. Returns

You have a right to return a product purchased via OREA platform to the Seller within the time limit and in a way that is defined by the Law of Consumer Protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other applicable regulations. OREA platform does not guarantee that the return will be accepted.

6. Product Reviews

One of services that OREA platform offers You is that after your purchase of the product you have an opportunity to leave a product review on the product purchased within the month (30) days from the time the product was purchased. By leaving a review you are grading the purchased product and you leave your impressions about the product. By leaving a review, you are approving that all Users have the opportunity to see the review. Reviews cannot contain: - private information; - racial or disturbing language; – disturbing or inappropriate photography; - unauthorized marketing; - unauthorized advertizing or messages; - claims that are not relate directly to the Seller or the purchased product. OREA platform reserves the right to erase all reviews, without any explanation or prior notification.

7. Changes and additions

Terms of purchase are subject to changes and additions, and the valid version is the one that is currently published on OREA platform.