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Waga Wood

Waga Wood captures the simple perfection of nature in every exquisite piece we design.
Each product in our line is designed, crafted and finished by hand, ensuring each piece is a unique, one
of a king statement.

Waga wood products are grounded in nature and versatile in use and aesthetic, making them perfectly
suited to chopping, serving or display.
Versatility of design makes them at home in any style from modern or scandi to rustic or traditional.
The idea behind starting the Waga brand is an attempt to revive traditional woodcarving with products that will serve modern everyday life.
Waga Wood tableware is a brave idea on how to bring traditional Bosnian woodcarving back to our homes, but also to present this wonderful tradition to the world.
Traditional woodcarving from Konjic was inscribed by UNESCO in 2017. to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. By using our products You are contributing to preserving traditional expertise and reviving heritage.